Red Rock Bluff 40L Backpack

  • Rugged 210D nylon and 600D polyester construction (those numbers mean it’s rugged)
  • Top-loading compartment also has a bottom-access zipper so you won’t have to dig through the whole pack to get something on the bottom
  • Integrated water-resistant cover so you’ll have one less bummer on a rainy camping trip
  • Sternum strap has a built-in whistle for when shit goes down on the trail
  • Model: 84-B40BLK, 84-B40GRY (dump the hyphens, replace the color abbreviations with single characters, and these model numbers would rise to the level of mediocre instead of just bad)
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The National Parks aren't gonna come to you.

It’s been 100 years now since the founding of the National Park Service, just about everybody’s favorite government agency. Some of the most vital and spectacular ecosystems on Earth are there for you to experience… if you can get there. As nice as Google 360-degree tours and Ken Burns documentaries and photo galleries are, there’s nothing like being there.

So go. Make plans. Right now. Nowhere in the lower 48 is more than a day’s drive from at least one National Park. And if you’re out west, you’ll have a bunch to choose from. You don’t have to follow the crowds, either. Lesser-visited parks like Sequoia, Big Bend, and Shenandoah will be just as memorable as Yosemite, Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone. Come on, think about the other stuff you’d drive a day to see. Aren’t the pinnacles of our country’s natural glory in that league?

Oh, and you’re gonna need a good backpack, if you don’t have one already. It doesn’t have to be this Red Rock Bluff. But with 40 liters of storage space, integrated water-resistant cover, bottom access zipper, padded waist strap, emergency whistle sternum strap, and multitude of compartments and external straps, it’s ready for anything from the North Cascades to the Dry Tortugas, for less than the price of admission to either.

But anyway, excuse our vulgar appeal for commerce. Buy this backpack or don’t. Just, whatever you do, go. We’ve never met anybody who’s regretted a trip to a National Park.

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