Pronto and Peel Smart Universal Remote Control

  • Control your entertainment system through your phone
  • Actually pretty easy to set up. We even tested it with some step-dads and they managed
  • Compatible with basically all the iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches newer than 2011
  • Only connects with one phone at a time, so no battling remotes
  • Not really meant for Android devices, or androids for that matter
  • Connects to your phone via Bluetooth and all the other stuff via IR
  • Model: OV500201/01BRPS (Certainly nothing’s going to compete with it on search results, but also: WTF?)
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Technology Unlocked

Technology has improved so many aspects of daily life, yet a few stragglers remain from a previous age. For example, despite the advent of Venmo, Stripe, and countless other payment systems, settling the check at a restaurant still involves multiple hand-offs of that weird black … thing. What’s it even called?

The remote control, with its grease-covered analog buttons and incomprehensible layout, has also remained unaffected by the march of progress until now. But companies like Pronto and Peel are finally bringing clickers into this century.

Here’s how it works: The Smart Universal Remote Control sits in your entertainment center (or wherever you choose) and controls all your remote-controlled stuff, including TVs, soundbars, receivers, and even air conditioners. It’s compatible with 450,000 devices, which is probably more than you have.

Then it connects with your device via Bluetooth, and voila: Your entire entertainment universe is at the command of your touchscreen. No more searching for lost remotes. No more confusing button interfaces. Everything runs through the personalized Peel Smart Remote app.

(Heads up: this whole app and gadget deal is mostly meant for Apple device owners and not really for Android devices, some of which have their own IR blaster)

We actually tested this thing pretty extensively to see how well it worked and how easy it was to set up (subtext: we don’t always do that), and the experience went smoothly, even with our technologically impaired friends and family members.

So now that remote controls have been improved, here are some other frustrations we’d love to see technology tackle next:

  • Bathtub cleaning. We’ve got Roombas and those things that clean your gutters, but scrubbing soap scum from your claw-foot still requires hecka elbow grease.
  • Therapy. Human therapists mostly nod, ask for clarification, and tell you when your 50 minutes is up. There’s gotta be some AI that can handle that.
  • Exercise. It’s still so hard.

Until then we’ll be happy with this advancement in remote control technology. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to bright some other tight pups. No, Alexa, we said “write some other writeups.” No, don’t write that down. Delete the last sentence. Delete the last sentence, Alexa. What do you mean, you don’t think you can do that? Alexa! Alexa!!!

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