6-Pack: 2014 Meh Zinfandel Blend Wines

  • You get six bottles of a 2014 Central Coast California Zinfandel blend with a typically hilarious label by us
  • It tends toward the dry side, with jammy undertones, ripe berry and plum notes, and a sweet oaky finished with nicely bulbous tannins
  • Obviously, you have to be 21 or older to both order this, and sign for the package
  • We can’t ship it to these states: AK, AL, CT, DE, HI, IN, KY, LA, MS, NE, ND, OH, RI, SD, UT, WV
  • Model: MehZinMix1 (hey, we made up a model number that follows all of our usual rules: no hyphens, no zeroes, it’s intuitive, and it’s over in ten characters)
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A-Meh-Zin Grapes

We’d managed to fend off our spokestroll Irk’s new hobby for a while. Oenology is not among the traditional talents of trollkind. Sure, we’ve had our share of wine under bridges, but most of it was “fortified”.

Finally, we broke down and let the little twerp loose in the wine cellar to select a vintage for us all to sample. We didn’t expect much from Irk’s initial selections and he did not disappoint. We’ll never forget that purplish-grey fluid from the Yakutsk region that had some kind of chunks floating in it.

But when Irk’s periwinkle-hued claw alighted on this Central Coast 2014 Zinfandel blend, we suspected we hadn’t given the shriveled little creep enough credit. It’s not just tolerable. It’s downright… y’know… good. Dry but a touch jammy, like a berry and plum blazer set off perfectly by an oak cravat, with a pocket square of rounded tannins.

We don’t know how he did it. Or, frankly, if he did it. We wouldn’t put it past Irk to hire a ringer.

Nevertheless, we’re all about results up in Meh, so we’re forced to promote Irk’s rank, from “Awful Sommelier” to “So-So Sommelier” - which, we realize with mounting horror, is approaching alarmingly near to our standards in other areas of business. If circumstances break against us, like if this wine sells really well, we might have to let him do this again.

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