CyberPower 175W Power Inverter with USB Charging Port and 2 AC Outlets

  • Converts (or, we guess, inverts) your car lighter’s DC current into two AC outlets and one USB port
  • Kids, ask your coughing parents what a lighter is
  • Stop feeling stupid when your phone battery dies and move on to feeling stupid about all your other mistakes
  • 175 watts is enough to power common mobile devices like a laptop, an Xbox, or a ceiling fan
  • You know it’s futuristic because it says “cyber” in the name
  • Model: CPS175SU (“CyberPower” and “175” make sense, but what about those other letters? people are just gonna assume they’re for “Stupid” and “SUcks”)
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Two boring tastes that taste boring together.

You know what’s boring? Insurance. Insurance policies, insurance salesmen, insurance commercials, every damn thing to do with insurance is like watching paint dry without the pretty colors. The best thing about insurance is never having to think about it.

You know what else is boring? Outlets. Some guy on TV tells us how to put a new outlet in somewhere and we’re falling asleep before he makes the first sawcut in the drywall. The best thing about outlets is never having to think about them.

Yes, sir or madam, outlets and insurance are about the two most boring things ever.

Until you need them. Then, suddenly, they become the objects of intense interest. Right at that moment, they’re the most important things in the world.

This CyberPower inverter is really boring. You throw it in your car and you know you’ve got two AC outlets and a USB port to plug into the lighter, just in case you need them. That’s all. That’s it. It has some outlets that provide insurance in case you need some juice. It’s so boring we’re falling asleep writing this.

If you buy this and you’re lucky, you’ll never have to think about it. If you don’t buy it and you’re unlucky, you’ll wind up thinking about it way too much.

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